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2017 Pool Season opens May 20th

Open to all - 10:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. daily.  Adults only:  8:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M. daily.

        The pool is open to all Pickawillany residents and their guests, only. Limitations on the number of

guests is imposed to ensure that no Owner/Resident is denied use and enjoyment of the pool

facility at any time due to an excessive number of guests occupying the pool and deck area. Each

owner is provided one pool pass. Guests of the Owner(s) are permitted with a limit of six (6) non-occupant guests per unit on all days of the week. All guests must be accompanied by the owner(s) of the unit

or authorized occupant in the unit if the unit is not owner occupied.

Hildegard Jones, Pool Manager,  Phone 423-7226

Privileges for residents that are not in good standing, current with condominium dues, water payments, free of fines, violations or have pending legal actions will be suspended and pass cards will subsequently be locked out of the entry system.

Other daily rules for safety may be posted. The Association assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

All parking for use of the pool is on Blue Jacket Road only. There is no parking on Chuckleberry Lane.

Pool rules violations are subject to a maximum $50.00 enforcement charge and/or suspension of all pool
privileges for the swimming season. Unauthorized pool use is also subject to a $50.00 fine and possibly
other penalties.

Pool Cards

Effective with the 2011 season, access to the pool is by keycard only.  This is an optically scanned card that unlocks the entrance.  Cards may be obtained from Kathi Horvath at

Case Bowen (Phone 799-9800 ext 31)


Pool House Use

The pool house is available for personal use by residents in good standing.  A resident in good standing is one who is current in all assessments and does not have open violations.  Please see

CLUBHOUSE RENTAL AGREEMENT and CLUBHOUSE CLEANING CHECKLIST for particulars.  The Community Association Manager is responsible for scheduling club house rentals.  Contact Kathi Horvath at Case Bowen (Phone 799-9800 ext 31  ) .

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