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Association Board Member's Name and Title  (click on hyperlinks to send email)

effective as of the Annual Meeting 2016                                    

Cheryl Hill                        President

Deborah Hochbein            Vice President

Lois Kamnitzer                 Treasurer

Hildegard Jones                Secretary

Linda Garlinger                 Director

Jerry Mapes                      Director

Keith Shiban                     Director

Board of Directors group email                                 

All maintenance request emails should be directed to Case Bowen -

                                     Kathi Horvath

                                     799-9800 ext 31


    The Board of Directors meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse at the Activities Center near the front entrance.  Residents are encouraged to attend, as this is the appropriate forum at which residents can become familiar with the operation of the Association, make requests or register complaints.  Please plan on attending the next Board Meeting and meeting the Board of Directors. Please see the new rules for meetings on page 5 of the 2012 Resident’s Manual. Open meetings besides the annual meeting are held in September and January.

The tenure of each board member runs for 2 years. A board member may run for re-election at the expiration of their tenure.  The tenures are presently staggered to allow only a limited change over during any 2 year period, thus avoiding a complete changeover at any one time. This allows the retention of a number of experienced board members to remain in office during any 2 year period.

The annual voting meeting is held in May of each year.

Board of Directors

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