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Garage Door Replacement information

Please don't dig without calling OUPS!

The Association has some very shallow utility lines, and OUPS will mark them for free. Please call 8-1-1 or access homeowners tab on www.oups.org.

Please help keep us all safe!

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Lock Boxes

Reminder for those who wish to have the code changed on the lock box installed on the exterior of the unit(s) please contact Secure-A-Key directly at secureakey@woh.rr.com or by phone at
937-408-8761.  If  there is a problem due to malfunction there is a warranty against any mechanical defect, but not for physical abuse of the lock box.  New owners who wish to have the code reset for their use, may contact the company to schedule an appointment and note there is a fee for this service.


If you have received a letter from your lender/mortgage

company requesting updated information on the Pickawillany

Master Insurance Policy, please contact Allison Krafty,

Ty Kashmiry Agency,  Tel 614.923.2886 ext. 82767.

They will usually ask for your loan number which is why

you need to contact them directly.

The Pickawillany Master Insurance Policy was renewed in

September 2018 with American Family Insurance through their

agent Ty Kashmiry Agency, Inc. The new policy will expire on 9/09/19.

From Pickawillany Board of Directors

to Residents

When you use the salt buckets, make sure the lid is put securely back on and replace the brick that may be on it.   Ronier will keep the lids from blowing off in the wind with a brick.   We don't want to have the salt ruined because the lid blew off and rain got in the bucket.   If everyone takes a minute to notice if the lid is off or on a bucket and put it back on if needed, this will ensure that we have adequate salt for the season. 

 Owners are responsible for letting their contractors know where to park, and if they are going to need a neighbor's spot for a short time, they need to get approval from the affected owner first.  Violation letters will go out when there is a complaint.

When plowing is needed due to the snow fall,  cars should be removed from parking spaces so areas can be plowed.  If you can't use your garage,  there is parking on Blue Jacket.   If cars remain in place and get moved after the plowing, your area will not be plowed until the next rotation for plowing. 

We have been noticing an uptick of random tree vandalism in our area. We have had two trees cut in a very non-professional way, and bushes and small trees have been reportedly removed.  We, the Board,  are asking for owners to keep an eye out,  and, if they notice any tree company or vehicle that is not Joseph Tree Service or Mid Ohio cutting or removing our tree,  please notify Kathi Horvath at Case Bowen.