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              Disclaimer and Terms of Use           

Garage Door Replacement Info Rev 6.7.2019

Please don't dig without calling OUPS!

The Association has some very shallow utility lines, and OUPS will mark them for free. Please call 8-1-1 or access homeowners tab on www.oups.org.

Please help keep us all safe!

  Pickawillany Community Bulletins





For your bldg number, see http://www.littleturtle.org/Pickawillany%20Unit%20Address%20by%20Building%20No..pdf

 The Pool will be closed for the 2020 season as it requires extensive repairs
that will be done this year and due to COVID-19.

Directors Order for Facial Covering in Franklin County, Ohio

If you need assistance or are interested in volunteering to help a neighbor, please reach out to the board at pickawillanyboard@littleturtle.org or by calling Case Bowen.  The board cannot guarantee that we will be able to match everyone in need with a volunteer.  

The board would like to remind everyone that volunteers do this at their own risk. The board will not accept any liability if a community member gets sick.  

Volunteers to Help a Neighbor in Need



     What do you do with old motor oil, batteries (including alkaline, computer, vehicle, etc.), fluorescent light bulbs, antifreeze, fire extinguishers, insecticides, rat poison, oil based paints, etc.?  Check out the information provided by Swaco on their website regarding the handling of hazard waste … https://www.swaco.org/195/Household-Hazardous-Waste

      Swaco will take oil based paint for no charge.  Latex paint is not considered hazardous but it must be dried before putting into regular trash.  Mix an equal amount of an absorbent material such as cat litter into the paint can and allow the paint to dry.  Or you can use sawdust, plaster of Paris, Oil-dri, or a product called waste paint hardener which can be purchased at home improvement stores or Amazon.

Lock Boxes

Reminder for those who wish to have the code changed on the lock box installed on the exterior of the unit(s) please contact Secure-A-Key directly at secureakey@woh.rr.com or by phone at
937-408-8761.  If  there is a problem due to malfunction there is a warranty against any mechanical defect, but not for physical abuse of the lock box.  New owners who wish to have the code reset for their use, may contact the company to schedule an appointment and note there is a fee for this service.


     If you receive a letter from your lender/mortgage company requesting updated information on the Pickawillany Master Insurance Policy, please contact Allison Krafty at the Ty Kashmiry Agency, 614.923.2886 or email her at akrafty@amfam.com

     They usually ask for your loan number which is why you need to contact them directly’

     The Pickawillany Master Insurance Policy was renewed in September with American Family Insurance through their agent, Ty Kashmiry Agency, Inc.  The new policy will expire on 9/9/21.