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Home Rules, Regs and Reports Community Bulletins TT May17 Special

Garage Door Replacement information

Please don't dig without calling OUPS!

The Association has some very shallow utility lines, and OUPS will mark them for free. Please call 8-1-1 or access homeowners tab on www.oups.org.

Please help keep us all safe!


Date: May 24, 2017


To Owners/Residents of Pickawillany

On Friday, May 26, 2017 the main water supply for Chuckleberry Lane and Smoketalk Lane will be shut off in order to complete two (2) separate water leak repairs. One located outside of 5002 Smoketalk and the other under the slab at 5115 Chuckleberry.

All buildings on Chuckleberry will be affected and Building 6 on Smoketalk will be affected. However, there may be additional buildings/units affected due to the shut off locations.

Please note the water will be off for a period of time, possibly several hours, while the repairs are being performed and completed. The plumbing company will do their best to have the water turned back on upon completion of the repairs.

The plumber is scheduled to arrive on property between 8-10 AM, Friday morning, May 26th to begin the repairs.

The contractor will need access to the basements at 5115 Chuckleberry Lane and 5002 Smoketalk Lane.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our owners/residents during this time.

Thank you for your cooperation.