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The ARC Committee has reviewed in person or via email the Request to Modify Common Property submitted by the owner of 5034 Wintersong.  The committee would like to suggest that the owners consider planting the American cranberry bushes as a screen around the doggie station instead of an Evergreen or Arborvitae.  This Is a fast growing bush which would enhance the landscape and provide a screen as deemed necessary by the owners.  If the owner does not accept that recommendation, the committee would prefer that the owner plant an evergreen rather than an arborvitae.  The Evergreen will blend in with the existing landscaping in the area.

Therefore the committee recommends that the Board approve the owners Request with the suggestions made taken under consideration.

Thanks you for your prompt attention to this matter,

Linda Garlinger, Chairperson of the ARC/Grounds Committee

June 2017 Communications Committee Report

At the annual meeting, we added one new member to our committee, Terri Shiban, and six new email recipients for Turtle Talk.

The committee will be meeting soon to redistribute our distribution routes and discuss new ideas.

B.J. Underwood

Chair, Communications Committee

Social Committee Budget Report June 2017 (pdf)

ARC/Grounds Committee Report
Annual Meeting of the Board of Managers, PCUOA

May 24, 2017

     The RR Tie project was completed this past year.  Many ties were removed in areas where they were not necessary and replaced where needed and in some places added to for additional soil retention.  It is a relief not to have those deteriorating and unsafe RR ties.

     The final planting of the islands on the street entrances and the front entrance are scheduled to be done soon, weather permitting.  It has been a difficult spring for the landscape company.  The mulching of common areas should be completed in the coming week.

     Joseph Tree Service completed the removal of 22 dead or diseased trees throughout the community.  Their next project will be trimming and cleaning out trees.  The project should be scheduled for the fall.

     The committee would like to remind owners that trees located within the patios are the owner’s responsibility.  Presently there are quite a few dead or dying trees that should be removed or trimmed.  

     Just a reminder about patio doors and windows.  Information regarding approved vendors is on the website and in the newly revised Residents Manual.  Please remember to submit the required forms to the property manager.  Even if you use an approved vendor, it is necessary to have a record of the installation of patio sliders and windows.

     The ARC Committee has recently approved the installation of a six panel door with glass panels on the top portion of the door.  As with windows and sliders, owners are required to submit the appropriate paperwork to the property manager for approval.  

      Door paint colors are the same and that information can be found on the website.

      As always, if you are planning to build an extended deck or any extensive improvements to your limited common property, approval must be obtained through the submission of the required forms.

The Communications Committee

     The Pickawillany Condominium website is updated and revised throughout the year as changes and news occur.  Please use it as the tool whether you need information on installing a deck, parking space, caring for your sump pump or contacting the Board.   "Bulletins" is where you will find alerts and notices, up to date information on when the pool is opening, upcoming gatherings, work going on in our community which may affect you, etc.

     Residents may receive Turtle Talk in three ways - email, home delivery, and our website.   We encourage residents to provide information for TT and welcome their input.  

     The committee also maintains a list of email addresses for residents so we may notify you of any important news in our community.

     We would love to have some volunteers to help in delivering TT.  If you are interested, please contact B.J. Underwood at 614.818.1596 or bjund02@gmail.com

Submitted by:  B.J. Underwood


Social Committee Report

May 24, 2017

     Since the last committee report, we have welcomed another volunteer, Debi Abbott, to the committee.  Thank you Debi!  The committee would love to have more volunteers join us, as we have several events planned over the summer and fall and will need help.  Several members of the social committee were out pre-selling raffle tickets for the 50/50 raffle during the annual garage sale; the winning raffle ticket of 50% of the sales will be drawn at the annual meeting.  

     Even more important than the raffle ticket sales were the event suggestions gleaned from our conversations with residents.  We welcome all ideas, and we received a couple of great ideas!  Even though the committee has limited funds this year, we are trying to beef up our funds for bigger and better events down the road.  The purpose of the Social Committee is to continue to enhance the wonderful neighborhood and to foster the feelings of a connected community.  

Social Committee

Darlene Slater, Chair
Debbi Abbott
Kendra Cline
Deborah Morago
Mitzi Payne
Don Schlaechter
Cyndi Tussing